Breast Augmentation 

Breast enlargement, breast augmentation, breast enhancement and a ‘boob job‘, are all names for breast surgery that uses implants to enlarge and create fuller shaped breasts. 

In the UK, breast enlargement is one the most popular cosmetic surgeries, appealing to a wide age range. 

Breast augmentation surgery is one of our most frequently requested cosmetic surgeries in our Ramsay Hospitals throughout the UK.

Ramsay is a leading cosmetic surgery provider in the UK. We have over 20 years’ experience in cosmetic surgery and breast enlargements are one of our most common surgeries chosen for cosmetic reasons. 

We pride ourselves on providing convenient and local appointments with GMC registered surgeons, who are highly experienced and qualified with a special interest in plastic surgery and, hold or have held an NHS post. They offer: straightforward yet detailed information, the opportunity to ask any questions and, first class, personally tailored expert care using high quality implants.

If you decide to proceed with surgery, Ramsay Health Care UK have a 14-day ‘cooling off period’ after your consultation to ensure you are comfortable with your decision. You are under no obligation to proceed with breast enlargement surgery if you decide after all it isn’t for you.

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure that inserts implants into your breasts, to create breast enhancement by making them bigger and improving their shape.

What are the benefits of breast surgery?

Women choose breast augmentation surgery to gain a larger cup size, make changes to their breast shape, increase breast fullness and, balance symmetry. 

Women may: find their breast size and shape has changed following pregnancy, weight loss or ageing, have asymmetrical or tubular breasts, or have a desire for larger and shapelier breasts for personal reasons. 

Breast augmentation can help you achieve the breast look you want with associated benefits including:

Breasts that are proportionate to the rest of your body.
A more voluptuous bust-line that extends your clothing choices and allows you to wear the clothes you want.
Feeling happier with your appearance. 
Increased self-confidence and general wellbeing that disseminates in all aspects of life.

What kind of breast implants should I choose?

We use the highest quality breast implants that are rigorously tested to ensure quality, safety and, that the best possible results are achieved.

The outer layer or shell of all implants is made of silicone. You will need to consider the filling type, shape and size of your breast implant.

Silicone Implants

Regular silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel. These implants are soft and, feel and look like a natural breast. 

Cohesive silicone implants are also silicone-filled but the consistency of the silicone gel inside the implant is thicker than traditional silicone gel implants. These implants are firmer than traditional silicone implants and are sometimes called gummy bear breast implants. Most cohesive silicone breast implants are teardrop shaped with more fullness at the bottom and narrower at the top to give a more natural-looking appearance.

Liquid Implants

Implants can also be filled with sterile salt water. Saline breast implants are chosen by women who do not want silicone implants. They offer uniform shape but feel slightly firmer and less like natural breast tissue.

Polyurethane Implants

Polyurethane breast implants are polyurethane foam-covered silicone implants. The layer of polyurethane foam gives the implants a “furry” feel and they are sometimes called furry or hairy implants.

They offer a reduced risk of capsular contracture (where internal scar tissue forms a constricting capsule around your breast implant and contracts it) and, they are held in place more securely as their coating makes them less likely to rotate or displace.

What does breast enlargement surgery involve?

Breast enlargement is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually takes about an hour and a half.

Typically, your surgeon will place the implant directly behind your breast as this gives the most natural result. Some women do not have enough breast skin and tissue to cover the implant and their surgeon may recommend placing the implant behind their pectoral muscle.

A small cut will be made in the crease under your breast, a pocket will be created and, your implant will be placed inside. Your incision will then be stitched.

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery?

Usually you will go home the same day or the day after your breast enlargement surgery. Here at Ramsay we provide excellent aftercare and a restful environment for your breast augmentation recovery. Our professional and experienced cosmetic surgery nurses will ensure you receive all the care, advice and attention you need for your breast augmentation.

You will need to wear a post-surgical bra (similar to a sports bra) 24-hours a day, to support and protect your breasts, for several weeks after your surgery. 

After your procedure we will arrange a follow up consultation to see how you are doing. We offer outpatient care for up to 60 days after your discharge as part of your package.
Following your surgery, you should be able to return to work after the first week, depending on your job type and, resume normal activities within four to six weeks.

How much does a breast enlargement cost?

Before proceeding with surgery, you need to know your breast enlargement cost.

Our breast enlargement packages vary depending upon your individual requirements such as: implant size and type and, whether you will require an overnight stay or a day case procedure. 

Following your consultation with a cosmetic breast surgeon and when you are ready to make you choices, we will give you a fixed price package that is guaranteed for at least three months. 
Here at Ramsay Health Care UK we offer fixed price breast augmentation care packages as we understand that you need to know the exact cost of a breast enlargement without the worry of any hidden extras.

Your fixed package breast augmentation cost includes: all hospital costs, your cosmetic surgeon and consultant anaesthetist involved in your breast augmentation surgery, outpatient care for 60 days after discharge, one follow up consultation and, your hospital stay even if it becomes longer or more complex than anticipated. The only additional charges are for your initial outpatient consultation with a cosmetic surgeon and any further follow up appointments that may be necessary.

We offer self-funding choices including affordable and competitive finance options that are easy to arrange so that you can focus on your breast enlargement procedure without waiting.

What is the difference between a breast augmentation and breast implants?

A breast augmentation is cosmetic surgery that aims to enhance the size, shape and volume of your breasts by inserting breast implants. 
Breast implants are medical prosthetics that are placed inside your breast, during a breast augmentation surgery. They increase breast size, reconstruct the breast and change its look. The outer shell of all breast implants is made of silicone and this can be filled either with silicone gel or saline.

What does breast augmentation mean?

Breast augmentation means breast enlargement. It is a cosmetic procedure to increase the size of female breasts and reshape breasts by placing breast implants beneath your breast. A breast augmentation aims to enlarge small breasts or fill out breasts that were previously larger such as after pregnancy and breast-feeding. A breast augmentation may be performed to correct unequal-sized breasts.

Breast augmentation means breast enlargement. It is a cosmetic procedure to increase the size of female breasts and reshape breasts by placing breast implants beneath your breast.

A breast augmentation aims to enlarge small breasts or fill out breasts that were previously larger such as after pregnancy and breast-feeding. A breast augmentation may be performed to correct unequal-sized breasts

How long does breast enlargement surgery take?

A breast enlargement surgery takes between 60 and 90 minutes. It is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Often you can go home the same day as your surgery. 
During the procedure, your surgeon makes a cut in your skin next to or below your breasts. They will insert the breast implants and then close the incision and cover with a dressing.

Can you get breast augmentation without implants?

Yes, you can enlarge your breasts without implants. This procedure is called fat transfer breast augmentation or autologous breast augmentation. It uses your own fat instead of breast implants to increase the size of your breasts. Liposuction is used to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts. 
This breast augmentation option is aimed at women who are looking for natural results and a relatively small increase in breast size.

Why choose Ramsay Health Care? 

Our hospitals are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and offer the very best clinical outcomes. We offer comfortable accommodation, a fresh a la carte menu and, excellent aftercare delivered by a friendly and professional team to support a restful recovery.

At Ramsay, you will be in caring hands from the moment you book your breast enlargement appointment and, for added peace of mind we offer TotalCare fixed price packages so you won’t have any hidden extras to pay. 

Contact us to book an appointment now. 

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