We answer the most frequently asked questions around tummy tuck pain for those who are considering a tummy tuck but not sure if they can manage the pain.

A tummy tuck can help improve the appearance of your stomach and create a slimmer waistline. However, as a tummy tuck is a major operation, it’s important to know the benefits and factors you need to consider before deciding whether this type of surgery is right for you.

Before undergoing tummy tuck surgery, it is important you know what to expect after you have had the procedure. So, we have created a guide to explain what happens after surgery, how long recovery will last and how quickly you can return to your regular day-to-day activities.

Discover the simple steps you can take to help reduce swelling after undergoing tummy tuck surgery

Image of woman with cosmetic needles near her face

There are many different types of facelift procedures available, including mini facelifts and non-surgical facelifts, each with their own benefits for different aesthetic goals. We’re going to cover some of the most popular options when it comes to choosing facelift surgery.