Uro-dynamics are a group of tests that can check the function of your bladder and urethra.

You can book with confidence at Ramsay Health Care UK. All of our consultants are of the highest calibre and are highly experienced in their specialist field.

We understand that you may be embarrassed about taking this particular test and that a medical procedure can cause anxiety. Our professional staff will perform the tests proficiently and discreetly, typically in our modern X-ray departments. The test aims to give your healthcare team the information they need to diagnose your condition and recommend appropriate treatment to relieve your bladder problem.

For your safety, all of our hospital staff follow strict protocols to prevent infection, including Covid-19.

What is a uro-dynamics test

A uro-dynamic test is a comprehensive study to find out the reasons for bladder problems including stress and urge incontinence or difficulty passing urine. The exact tests are tailored to look into the type of problems you are experiencing.

How is a urodynamic test performed?

A urodynamic test is designed to replicate your symptoms, and examine them and help to determine their cause.

During these tests, your bladder is slowly filled with sterile water. You will have two very fine tubes inserted into your urethra (the passage through which urine leaves your body) and a similar small tube placed in your back passage. These tubes are connected to a urodynamics machine to record the information. An x-ray or ultrasound of your bladder may also be needed.

Uro-dynamic tests measure:

  • Urine flow rate - an assessment of how much urine leaves your bladder over a period of time gives your doctor information on how fast you are passing urine. If your flow rate is very slow you may have an obstruction that is getting in the way of the flow such as an enlarged prostate, or a weak bladder muscle.
  • The amount of urine left in your bladder after urination – used to see if your bladder is emptying completely. If your bladder is not emptying properly, you are at a greater risk of developing urinary tract infections.
  • How your bladder works as it fills and while it is full – the test will assess how much urine your bladder can hold, how much pressure builds up inside your bladder as it stores urine, and how full it is when your urge to urinate begins. You may be asked to describe how your bladder feels and to cough or strain during the procedure to see if your bladder pressure changes. These tests may also check for involuntary bladder contractions and assess the strength of your bladder.

What is a urodynamic test used for?

A urodynamic test study is used to check the function of your bladder and to help investigate the cause of any urinary incontinence you may have. It may be that you have already had several other tests and treatments for bladder problems. These urodynamic tests can provide more information to help your doctor to decide on the next steps.

Specifically, these tests are used to provide information on:

  • how much your bladder can hold and its volume before you feel the need to urinate
  • how your bladder muscle is functioning
  • whether you might have an enlarged prostate or any sphincter or pelvic floor dysfunction that is hindering your urine outflow
  • whether you are retaining any urine in your bladder when you feel like you have finished urinating.

How long does it take for a urodynamic test?

Urodynamic tests are performed in an outpatient setting. It takes about 30 minutes for your doctor to perform the various tests. Immediately after the procedure we will usually let you know the results and discuss your proposed treatment plan with you.

What is the recovery process after a uro-dynamics test

You will be able to go home immediately after these tests and get back to your daily routines. You may have some burning or stinging when urinating for a few hours afterwards.

What is the cost of a uro-dynamics test

The cost of a uro-dynamics test will depend on the exact tests you require and your Ramsay hospital of choice.

You will receive a formal quotation price following your consultation. This formal quote for your uro-dynamics tests will be valid for 60 days and includes unlimited aftercare.

Ramsay is recognised by all major medical insurers. These tests are covered by most medical insurance policies. We advise you to obtain written authorisation from your insurance provider before your tests.

We have a number of finance options if you are paying for your tests yourself. These include:

  • Interest-free finance – 0% interest, no deposit and affordable monthly instalments.
  • All-inclusive Total Care - one-off pre-agreed payment for access to all the treatment you need for complete reassurance.
  • Pay as you go – flexible funding to pay for treatment as and when costs arise. Often used if your treatment costs are difficult to assess.
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